Wednesday, December 5, 2007


Our objective is for the Client to make a hire off each and every project that they initiate with us. For a Client to use our research successfully we have laid down some rules to follow. We have found that if these rules are followed our Clients have a much higher success rate, as high as 90%. If a Client does not follow these rules then failure is more likely.
RULE #1- The 72 Hour Rule Clients (the Hiring Manager or Recruiter) have 72 hours to contact a Qualified Interested Candidate. After 72 hours a greater percentage of Candidates will drop out of the running. For one reason or another they lose interest.
RULE #2- Sell the Opportunity, Company, Product or Service FIRST. When a Hiring Manager or Recruiter calls the Candidate for the first time, the first 15 -25 minutes of the conversation should be selling the opportunity, Company, product or service. After the "pitch" is completed and all the Candidate’s questions have been answered there is nothing wrong with continuing with the phone interview and qualifying the candidate for experience and background. This portion of the process will allow you to determine if a face-to-face interview is warranted.
RULE #3- Passive-VS-Active. HTC Research Corp. specializes in both Active and Passive candidate research. A Passive Candidate that is someone that is not necessarily looking for a new job but if the right opportunity were presented to him/her at the right time they would be willing to pursue it. An Active Candidate is someone who is actively seeking new employment. Since a Resume is what an Active Candidate uses to market themselves, they usually have a current one readily available. However, since the Passive Candidate is not actively looking they usually will NOT have an up to date Resume. This does not mean they are any less qualified than the Active Candidate. This is why we provide a Profile of the candidate. A typical Profile will include most of the pertinent information needed to conduct a phone interview with a candidate regardless of their status.
RULE #4 - The Follow Up Rule - Our Clients must provide us with follow-up on all candidates we send to them in a timely manner. Follow-up in the form of a phone call or e-mail to the sales representative is acceptable. Feedback on every candidate is crucial to the success of the research project. Researching the passive candidate market is an imperfect science. If our research staff is off target for any reason the feedback we get from you will help us get them back on track quickly. The longer it takes to get us back on track the more costly it is to do the research. Be assured that as a Client you will never pay for a candidate that is not Qualified and Interested in new opportunities as per the job specifications which were outlined in the original job order.
RULE # 5 - HTC Research is a research/sourcing company, not a recruiting firm. We provide passive candidates that are Qualified and Interested in new job opportunities. We do this very quickly and at a reasonable price. At this time, we do not perform background checks, drug screens, set up interviews or negotiate contracts with candidates.
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I really like the 5 Rules of Success! SO TRUE!