Friday, May 30, 2008

Hmm I wonder what JigSaw is up to

Huge proponent of Jigsaw and HTC has been a member for a long time.

I wonder what they are up to with this announcement.
Dear Jigsaw Insiders,

Since we started leaking hints about the big Jigsaw announcement on June 4th, I have received an unprecedented amount of calls from members and friends of Jigsaw trying to get the inside scoop. I still have my (rapidly fraying) muzzle on, but Marketing has allowed me to send you all this one minute preview of the promotional video that Jim Fowler and I taped a few weeks ago on Haight Street in San Francisco. Despite my fears to the contrary, the full length (3 minute) video actually turned out to be pretty funny and still gets our point across.

Please do us a favor and don’t steal our viral thunder by forwarding the trailer- save that for the finished product on June 4th, when it will be available for download on our home page. If all goes well, we might double traffic to our site- and get many more people to start contributing to Jigsaw like you have! Thanks so much for your support of Jigsaw to date and for joining us in our quest to make the data dinosaurs obsolete!


VP of Community and Co-Founder

Wednesday, May 21, 2008

List of Social Networking Sites and resources for Social networkers

Other Social Networking Sites

  1. 43 People : social meeting
    people online
  2. Asoboo : social networking
    with events/places (japanese)
  3. Blogtronix : social
    business networking ; blogging
  4. Blue Dot : social networking
  5. Bolt : video/photo/music sharing
  6. BrightFuse
    : business networking
    operated by CareerBuilder


  7. Cingo : social family-based
  8. Collective X : group
    calendar, discussions, email, sharing
  9. Couch Surfing : CouchSurfing
    is a worldwide network for making connections between travelers
    and the local communities they visit.
  10. dodgeball : social networking
    with mobile phones
  11. Doostang : social professional
    networking by invitation only
  12. Facebook : social student
  13. Faves :
    Build your own Social Network based on templates NEW
  14. Favorville : social
    networking doing favors
  15. Friendster : social
  16. hi5 : Find friends in your
    hometown or other parts of the world; upload music, videos, photos
  17. HooversConnect:
    Business, Find the people you want to meet through the people
    you know
  18. iKarma : social business
    networking with recommendations
  19. imeem :
    social network where millions of fans and artists discover new
    music, videos, and photos, and share their tastes with friends.
  20. Jambo : social networking
  21. Jigsaw : business card
  22. Jookster : social networking
  23. Jyve : skype networking and
  24. Kaneva : social networking
  25. Konnects:
    Make connections: Locally, Internationally, in your Industry Post:
    Events, Classifieds, Jobs, Questions
  26. LightStalkers :
    social journalists network
  27. Linkedin : social business
  28. Map Mix : mapped social
  29. Meetup : localized interest
    group meeting
  30. MyMapSpace : social
    networking site with maps
  31. MySpace : social networking
  32. Ning : Create
    a Social Network site of your own
  33. openBC : social business
  34. opinity : social networking
    with testimonials
  35. Orkut : social networking
  36. PeerProfile : social
    info / bookmark / photo sharing
  37. Popist : social networking
  38. Rabble : mobile phone blogging
    and social networking
  39. RecruiterRockStar
    : A Talent Generator and Social Network for Candidates and Recruiters
  40. ShoutCentral : social
    networking site; blogs, photos and fun
  41. TagWorld : social networking
    + blog + music + storage
  42. the black stripe
    : social photo sharing
  43. The Well : Welcome to
    a gathering that's like none other — remarkably uninhibited, intelligent
    and iconoclastic.
  44. Tilika : online calendar
  45. TownCrossing : online
  46. Tribe : social networking
  47. XING : business
    social networking; powers relationships for the world’s
    business professionals
  48. Ziki : social networking


By resending invitations on Linkedin you can add a lot of connections!

Real quick wanted to add another tip on how to get more connections on Linkedin. And FYI I'm over 5100 now so these techniques work. That's about 1000 connections in the last month and I've only sent 250 invites out. And another 100+- resends.

Old Invites can be a Gold Mine.
Yea I know you already sent them one invite but somehow it either got ignored or lost or forgotten.

I started going through my old invites and resending the invites to people and they started accepting them. Many replied back and stated they didn't know how they missed the first one, so something at Linkedin might be loosing invites or people aren't clearing out their invite box regularly and it gets archived/lost.

So go to your invitations then go to your Sent invitations.
Sort by click on the Status column you will see a bunch of invites that have a "blank" status. Then RIGHT click on each "subject line column" (this is where is says "Invitation to connect on LinkedIn" or "Join my network on LinkedIn") and open in it up in a new tab or new window. Then I click on a tab and scroll over the person's name and it will pop a little java window with a summary of their profile, I double check to make sure their are not already on my first level and click the Resend Button. I then type in a more personal note as to why I want to connect and hit send.

If there are any invitations without an email address or LI says they can't be delivered you can Withdraw the Invite. But, from what I've noticed, "Withdrawing" the invite does not necessarily put it back in your pool of available invites.

Once you go thru all the ones with "Blank" status, use the page numbers at the bottom and find the ones with a "Sent" status and do the same thing, Right Click and Click the Resend button and write a more personal note then hit Resend.

This will change both the Blank and the Sent status to a Replaced Status.

After a few weeks (3-4) you can go back thru all the Replaced and Resend again. I'm not sure how many times you can send someone an invitation before Linkedin won't allow you to send any more and my guess is that if after 2-3 Resends they still have accepted they either aren't going to ever accept or are just not active on Linkedin.

Also be fore-warned that if someone gets let's say 2 invites from you (one original and one resend) and they IDK both invites then Linkedin counts both IDK's against you. And with the 3 strike rule they will put your account on restriction.

Reference: An IDK is and response by the person receiving the invitation of (I Don't Know "Sender's Name") which not only declines the invitation but also puts a negative "mark" on your Linkedin profile. After 3 IDK's you will no longer be able to send someone an email without knowing their email address and Linkedin will not release additional invitations to you after you use up your initial 3000 invites. On a first offense of 3 IDK's they ask you to read the rules and agree to abide by them via email. Second offense they won't release more invites until you re-read the rules and "clean up" or explain your IDK's and third offense it's off with your head:-) just kidding same thing, you have to re-re-read clean up the IDK's and they won't release more invites to you =-( But the third offense they give you a much sterner warning and threaten to take away your account etc etc.

Jeff Weidner
HTC Research
925 313 9005 X 200

And join my group on Candidate Pipeline Development(TM) on Linkedin at

Tuesday, May 20, 2008

A reply to someone ticked off at getting IDKed from another user on Linkedin.

This was part of a long rant so I'll cut it and keep it anon to keep relevancy:

WHY JOIN A GROUP if you don't want to connect with the members?????

I understand your frustration as I've had the same problem too. I even had invitations that I sent to people I know, declined and IDK'ed and IDK's from people I sent invites to from Mylink500 and themetanetwork lists(LION's) and they are supposedly Open Networkers. I've had my account "frozen" several times from LI as it's their policy to freeze accounts (they won't give me more invites until I clear up IDK issues) when you hit 3 IDK's

But what I realized is this;
A) I don't need their "stinking" invites to grow the network:-)(said in my best NY accent which is pretty good considering I'm from Jersey)
B) As a Sourcer/Recruiter I know why I'm on Linkedin, to get names, most people who join Linkedin have no idea why they joined or what they can do on it. That would take an effort on their part.
C)Once they join they don't know what or how to do "anything" let alone accept or send an invite. They don't read the fine print and take into consideration what will happen if they IDK your invite or decline your inmail they just do it cause they are inundated with junk and spam in every other site they've joined and don't need any more so they go into defensive mode and IDK or delete or mark as SPAm anything and everything.
D) Recruiters and especially those living in and around Silicon Valley give other people way too much credit as to other Linkedin Users level of understanding about technology/social networking "basic" rules of etiquette etc.
E) People just don't have time to "go figure it out" and tend to skim through for immediate relavance rather than "wasting" time trying to get to the bottom of it.

So to overcome all this. Keep it short, keep it sweet, keep it relavent and only send invites to those you know will accept:-)

Jeff Weidner
I accept all invites, forward all requests, respond to all inmail, send lists of contacts for free for all candidate requests and have a tendency to exagerate and become a bit satirical from time to time.