Tuesday, May 20, 2008

A reply to someone ticked off at getting IDKed from another user on Linkedin.

This was part of a long rant so I'll cut it and keep it anon to keep relevancy:

WHY JOIN A GROUP if you don't want to connect with the members?????

I understand your frustration as I've had the same problem too. I even had invitations that I sent to people I know, declined and IDK'ed and IDK's from people I sent invites to from Mylink500 and themetanetwork lists(LION's) and they are supposedly Open Networkers. I've had my account "frozen" several times from LI as it's their policy to freeze accounts (they won't give me more invites until I clear up IDK issues) when you hit 3 IDK's

But what I realized is this;
A) I don't need their "stinking" invites to grow the network:-)(said in my best NY accent which is pretty good considering I'm from Jersey)
B) As a Sourcer/Recruiter I know why I'm on Linkedin, to get names, most people who join Linkedin have no idea why they joined or what they can do on it. That would take an effort on their part.
C)Once they join they don't know what or how to do "anything" let alone accept or send an invite. They don't read the fine print and take into consideration what will happen if they IDK your invite or decline your inmail they just do it cause they are inundated with junk and spam in every other site they've joined and don't need any more so they go into defensive mode and IDK or delete or mark as SPAm anything and everything.
D) Recruiters and especially those living in and around Silicon Valley give other people way too much credit as to other Linkedin Users level of understanding about technology/social networking "basic" rules of etiquette etc.
E) People just don't have time to "go figure it out" and tend to skim through for immediate relavance rather than "wasting" time trying to get to the bottom of it.

So to overcome all this. Keep it short, keep it sweet, keep it relavent and only send invites to those you know will accept:-)

Jeff Weidner
I accept all invites, forward all requests, respond to all inmail, send lists of contacts for free for all candidate requests and have a tendency to exagerate and become a bit satirical from time to time.

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