Friday, May 30, 2008

Hmm I wonder what JigSaw is up to

Huge proponent of Jigsaw and HTC has been a member for a long time.

I wonder what they are up to with this announcement.
Dear Jigsaw Insiders,

Since we started leaking hints about the big Jigsaw announcement on June 4th, I have received an unprecedented amount of calls from members and friends of Jigsaw trying to get the inside scoop. I still have my (rapidly fraying) muzzle on, but Marketing has allowed me to send you all this one minute preview of the promotional video that Jim Fowler and I taped a few weeks ago on Haight Street in San Francisco. Despite my fears to the contrary, the full length (3 minute) video actually turned out to be pretty funny and still gets our point across.

Please do us a favor and don’t steal our viral thunder by forwarding the trailer- save that for the finished product on June 4th, when it will be available for download on our home page. If all goes well, we might double traffic to our site- and get many more people to start contributing to Jigsaw like you have! Thanks so much for your support of Jigsaw to date and for joining us in our quest to make the data dinosaurs obsolete!


VP of Community and Co-Founder

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